Tripod Mount Adapter| Tripod Mobile Holder|Tripod Phone Mount(Made in India)| Smartphone Clip Clipper 360 Degree for Taking Magic Video Shots & Pictures.

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TRIPOD PHONE MOUNT 360 ? SWIVLE ADJUSTING TO YOUR NEED:- This tripod mount holder has a 360 degree rotation to its frame which enables you to record any audio or video footage at any angle in portrait mode or landscape mode you want without needing you to change the angle of your gorilla tripod stand!
DESIGNED & MADE IN INDIA:- This mobile holder is completely designed and made in INDIA so you can purchase with your pride! This mini tripod adapter can hold your iphone or smart phone without you having to use a gorilla tripod to mount the holder on top as this holder mount has an extended section that you can hold and record your vlogs or take pictures with ease.
SET AT AN ANGLE AND FORGET THANKS TO A BACK SIDE SCREW:- This tripod bracket mount contains a screw on back side which helps you set your mobile phone at an angle you want and once you tighten the screw you don?t need to think about the holding strength of the screw in that position. It just simply does with ease thanks to the high quality steel and setting of the screw!
CAN ACCOMMODATE YOUR SMARTPHONES AND IPHONES THAT HAVE WIDTHS UPTO 110mm:-Most Tripod holders only stretch up to 82 mm at max while this tripod holder can stretch up to 110 mm which can accommodate big mobiles as well!
SMOOTH AND SOFT PADDING ON BOTH THE EDGES:- No need to worry about your smart phone edges getting damaged nor will your mobile phone spring out of the holder thanks to the screw that holds the mobile tight and protects it at all costs! So click the BUY NOW button and leave all the mobile mounting worries behind!

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280557 (-50%)


Imagine riding your bike with the tripod on which your mobile phone is mount on this Sturdy SLOVIC Mobile Holder where you can focus on riding and gaining joyful experience rather than constantly looking at your smart phone worrying about dropping your mobile!

This tripod mount is made of strong ABS plastic material but with high quality finishing which will ensure that it won?t succumb to deformation under any normal circumstances unlike the most mobile holders budge under even small forces.


Get the best phone tripod mount so you can just concentrate on making the best content!

When you are creating great content, the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment.

This 360 degree tripod mount does everything while providing durability and reliability for your photography and cinematography that it deserves!

Produce crisp shots with minimal movement, thanks to the Strong and Stable Base.


– Durable and Sturdy.

– Easy to install on tripod stand.

– Strong adjustable knob VS unreliable spring clamps.

– Fits any size mobile, with or without a thick phone case. DOUBLE SILICA GEL PAD
Protect your smartphone from scratches.

Foam padding on the interior side and silica gel pads on the top and bottom of the holder.

Protective rubber grips hold your phone firmly in place while providing protective padding. 360 DEGREE ROTATION, GO FROM LANDSCAPE TO PORTRAIT WITH EASE
Multi angle adjustment and optimization angle of view.

While other mounts require you to remove your phone and readjust the grip to switch from landscape to portrait mode, the SLOVIC phone holder can easily be adjusted with the turn of a knob! DISASSEMBLE
Independent Parts – Use together or apart.

A phone tripod mount this easy and convenient to use is an awesome tool for anyone. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL DEVICES
Easily adjust the SLOVIC phone holder anywhere between 2.3? up to 4.1?, more than wide enough to fit any phone, whether it?s an iPhone X or Galaxy Note 9, with or without a case.

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Tripod Mount Adapter| Tripod Mobile Holder|Tripod Phone Mount(Made in India)| Smartphone Clip Clipper 360 Degree for Taking Magic Video Shots & Pictures.

280557 (-50%)

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