Universal Mobile Holder/Pouch-Bag for Scooters Scooty’s Activa Jupiter EV | New 2-in-1 Design | Premium (Carbon Black)

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?Compatible Devices?For all type of Scooters – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Scooty, N-Torq, Electric etc. Fits all smartphones up-to 7 inches in size.
?Touch-Friendly?It is touch accessible making the phone fully usable from the top plastic cover.
?Quick Install?Practical design makes it easy to install and remove with no tools needed. Both Horizontal/Landscape and Vertical/Portrait setup options. Even can be setup in reverse for better air-circulation.
?Total Protection?No more Falls/Dust/Scratches to the phone and also getting stolen/snatched. Also protects from moderate rains.
?Usage?The high density elastic belts go over the handle and with the adjusters can be tightened/loosened to hold it tightly. Charger/Earphone slot/opening at the bottom.
?Storage?An additional compartment inside stores valuables like Power Bank, Cards etc.
?Durable?Made with Premium Polyester Fabric and PVC for maximum Durability. Military Grade Buckles.Proudly Designed & *MADE IN INDIA*
?Note?The plastic screen might stick to the phone initially for a few times. Use your fingers from inside to unstick the plastic before pulling out the phone.

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475945 (-50%)


Avail of the Brand “JETLIFE ? Versatile Mobile Holder for various types of Gearless Two Wheeler Like scooters such as Jupiter, Activa, Scooty, and others. The well-built, practical design is easy to install and remove when you require. The best part is that you don?t need any tools to either install or remove it. The “JETLIFE” Pouch-Bag Mobile Holder protects your phone from external environmental conditions such as rain, dust, scratches, bumpy roads, etc. and holds it tight so that it doesn?t fall off. The elastic straps fit most scooter handles tightly so that you have no worry at all. The transparent PVC cover provides you with and easy and clear view of your phone with touch capability. Set it up in either horizontal or vertical position for ease of access. The amazing touch quality of the cover makes it seamless to use. It works on all weathers without the use of multiple nuts and screws. The plastic buckle below the handle makes your phone stay put. Useful Tips Pull the holder facing downwards for better view under direct, bright sunlight. It also helps to avoid glare. Put on phone on the maximum brightness level before setting it in the case for better visibility during the day with bright sunshine. Keep the zip open a little such that there is a small gap. It will allow adequate air circulation and avoid the phone from overheating on hot, sunny days. If the hold is loose due to less thickness of your phone, use the cushion pads provided and place it behind the phone for better fit. Caution : Do not use the phone inside the holder for longer hours especially during sunny days to avoid your phone from overheating

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Universal Mobile Holder/Pouch-Bag for Scooters Scooty's Activa Jupiter EV | New 2-in-1 Design | Premium (Carbon Black)

475945 (-50%)

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